Cancer Gene Detection

Uncontrolled cell division is a defining characteristic of cancer cells. The human body has systems in place that are designed to check this growth and prevent cancer from thriving, and the onset of cancer can result from many factors: environmental, dietary and genetic. Several types of cancer have been found to have familial predispositions, and it is these types upon which cancer gene detection is focused. These inherited predispositions, which are referred to as germline mutations, are believed to be linked to an inherited mutation of the suppressor genes whose natural responsibility it is to prevent the unchecked growth of cancer.

When you partner with Texas Medical Specialty for your cancer gene detection needs, we’ll obtain client samples and perform testing for single cancer gene or groups of genes. All cancer gene detection results are kept confidential. If you have a family history of Leukemia, or a wide range of solid tumors, we can tell you whether that history is due to a genetic predisposition. It is important to note that the possession of this germline mutation does not guarantee that cancer will occur. It still requires other, environmental factors to trigger it. Knowledge is power and having this information allows you to do all that you can, through lifestyle and diet, to prevent this predisposition from being fulfilled.

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