Next Generation Sequencing

There is no doubt that next generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the field of genomics, particularly where oncology, pathology, and HLA laboratory research are concerned. At Texas Medical Speciality, we use this testing technique because it allows for the sequencing of a complete human genome in hours to days, something that would have taken years just a couple of decades ago. This is possible because we’re now able to sequence millions of small fragments simultaneously and then reassemble them into a complete copy of the original sequence. The massive scale of this sequencing ensures highly accurate results due to the depth, or high number of reads per nucleotide, employed.

Next generation sequencing has also helped make great strides in oncology research capability, due to the large number of cancer types that show a strong familial predisposition. NGS has also allowed for significant progress in the study of pathogens because it allows for rapid bacterial diagnosis as well as real-time tracking of mutational changes. One field in which Texas Medical Specialty has focused a great deal of time and effort is HLA laboratory research. HLA genes have been found to play a significant role in immune system regulation and in such health concerns as transplant efficacy, drug hypersensitivity, and autoimmune disease predisposition, just to name a few.

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