Research & Clinical Investigation

Next generation sequencing (NGS) has become an integral part of clinical investigations in recent years. One area in which it has helped make progress is in the field of drug treatment development, where it is now possible to target the molecular abnormalities responsible for disease. Also, when it comes to clinical trials concerning diseases with a genetic abnormality component, NGS can help in the selection of test subjects. At Texas Medical Specialty, we know these processes have been particularly useful in the field of oncological clinical investigations, in that individual tumor types can harbor cellular mutations that give them survival advantages and the key to fighting them is uncovering the genetic source of those mutations.

In addition to being used to guide clinical investigations, next generation sequencing is also used extensively to guide treatment development trials in such areas as pathogenic outbreaks. By being able to sequence an entire bacterial genome, it’s possible to determine virulence due to such factors as antibiotic resistance, so that treatments may be adjusted accordingly. Texas Medical Specialty also uses NGS to allow investigators to track outbreak-specific clones, so that treatment options can be developed and fine tuned. Our innovative NGS techniques can assist in all stages of these and many other fields of clinical investigation.

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