Infectious Disease

Many infectious diseases can present researchers or health care professionals with a wide range of similar symptoms, making it difficult to appropriately identify the issue and provide the best treatment. Bacterial detection and proper identification in the laboratory setting can be crucial to the diagnostic process. At Texas Medical Specialty, Inc., we know there are many problems inherent to traditional methods of microbial culturing, which require isolation and multiplication of live bacteria for identification to occur. Also, not every bacterial species can be cultured successfully in the laboratory. Fortunately, next generation sequencing (NGS) techniques have transformed the field of infectious disease testing.

Texas Medical Specialty performs NGS on non-cultivable and mixed samples of bacteria and mycobacteria to help physicians and hospitals better understand and combat infectious diseases. Now that every significant human pathogen has been sequenced, the identification process of infectious disease testing has become much faster and more accurate. These factors are both key to maximizing patient recovery while minimizing complications. Our innovative equipment allows us to achieve rapid, high-quality results through superior testing procedures, allowing for optimal management of patient infections.

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